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Where Public Relations Gets It Wrong

“We got burned.” It’s a phrase I hear repeatedly from prospective clients, wary of working once again with another public relations firm. It usually comes after spending tens of thousands of dollars on media relations with little to show for it on the back end.

Often, PR folks go by a variety of names – communications specialists, brand managers, image consultants. But by and large, the more pretentious the name, the more big firms get to charge for weak results. For the most part quality media relations is pretty simple. Working with the press to get clients more coverage and positive exposure in print, broadcast and online outlets. Yes, copywriting, crisis communications and client development play roles as well. But overall, the task at hand is usually straightforward. It’s often just made more complicated by PR people for their own benefit.

The dirty little secret is when an industry is made more complex and difficult it’s far easier to charge ridiculous amounts. PR agencies are savvy in this arena. Bring out a dog and pony show to the prospective client, promise them the world and subsequently underdeliver on the results. After months or even years of being charged outrageous retainer fees the client eventually moves on.

Fortunately, there are a few firms on the block who do things differently. Inside Advantage PR is one of these shops. We pride ourselves in cultivating and maintaining quality relationships with the media. The firm has developed a niche in law and finance, specifically designed to work with the same reporters, editors and producers every day.

With my background in journalism, it’s far easier to see when a client’s story is newsworthy and what changes are needed for it to be picked up. This also comes in handy when working with reporters, as confidence is gained with each valuable pitch and client interview you offer up.

It’s a different approach. You won’t find any special certifications or awards here. Nor will you find us giving a talk in front of other PR folks at a PRSA luncheon. No, we’ll be too busy getting the job done for our clients.

At the end of the day, Inside Advantage PR is not your father’s Madison Avenue firm. And for that we’re grateful.


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