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Dedicated to the needs of law and financial firms

Being public relations agency strictly dedicated to the needs of law and financial firms is no easy task. Long nights, followed by longer days are often the norm. But that’s ok. Both sectors deserve a PR firm that understands their respective industries. That’s why Inside Advantage PR was started by and employs journalists who’ve worked in and covered law and finance, battling on the front lines, knowing the struggles as well as the rewards. We take our jobs seriously, knowing just what kind of scrutiny law firms and financial institutions come under on a daily basis.

This PR agency could be dedicated to tourism, travel or rank and file corporations. But we chose a different path. Whether you’re in New York City, Orlando, Palm Beach or beyond, we’re here to help. Our presence is felt on a national and global scale. No one knows the media better than us. And no one will be a stronger ally for your firm’s success in the eyes of the public.

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