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Connecticut Hedge Fund Association and Inside Advantage PR Partner Up
Inside Advantage PR and the Connecticut Hedge Fund Association will grow together as both entities announce a strategic partnership deal.

The two parties will work on educating the public and policymakers to help foster a better understanding of hedge funds, from Wall Street to Main Street.

“This partnership comes at a critical moment for funds in Connecticut. The industry in the state is stable due to the fact that CT is home to many of the largest hedge fund firms.  Post financial crisis, investors have found comfort in investing with larger more ‘institutional’ firms, and this has been a big factor in keeping the CT hedge fund industry steady,” says Bruce McGuire, Connecticut Hedge Fund Association President.

The joining of the two longtime hedge fund allies comes as Greenwich continues to be a hotbed for alternative investors.

“Connecticut is home to approximately 980 funds managing a combined $570 billion in assets.  Greenwich, where the majority of the funds are located, is known internationally as the hedge fund capital of the world’.”

As the CTHFA helps to cement Greenwich’s position as the premier hedge fund capital, they’re also working with city and state leaders to create an economic zone that will help the industry continue to grow in Connecticut.

“The partnership is simply a no-brainer. As our firm continues to become the industry leader in law and financial public relations, working with this group of highly esteemed asset managers is a perfect fit ,” says Inside Advantage PR President Jonathan Beaton.

Beaton, a former radio and television reporter and anchor, brings a wealth of media connections and savvy to hedge funds across the country, helping to improve their image in the press, as well as their investor relations.

“Hedge funds are an excellent investment vehicle with a storied history of providing great results for their clients. We love working in this impressive space of financial management.”

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